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Gravel Code

We are promotors of the great outdoors, not abusers


Rule #1  -  Be nice, say hi

1.1 Reduce pace and say hi when you come across other riders or hikers. Everyone deserves a nice time in nature.

Rule #2  -  Leave no trace

2.1 You will ride across some fragile ecosystems and protected areas. Leave nature unchanged and wildlife undisturbed.

Rule #3  -  Stay on track, ride responsibly

3.1 Not every road in the Dutch outdoors is allowed for cyclist, stay on the track of the event.

3.2 As the event uses roads open to traffic you must always know, observe and comply with local laws.

3.3 Helmet and front+rear lights are mandatory. 

Rule #4  -  Invenian Viam

4.1 You must follow and complete the full official route. You can temporarily leave it (to find food, rest, etc), but you must return to the same point you left off to continue the ride.


Rule #5  -  Take your time, be on time

5.1 After the official time limit you can’t expect any official service or support, but although the event ends your ride can go on…so just return the tracker, relax and enjoy your route.

Rule #6  -  Respect the staff

6.1 This project is possible thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of all our volunteers. Please be nice to them, they have been working hard spending their time and effort to support this ride.

6.2 Follow the crew indications, they just will do it just for your safety and the good progress of the event

When people ask us how can we ensure riders comply with the rules, we always answer the same: we can’t. The honorable agreement is inherent to ultra events. This can be a fair event, it just depends on you.


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