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Know more about the first edition of Flatlands 300

What is the entry fee of Flatlands 300? 

The entree fee for participating in Flatlands 300 is €110 per rider.

What can I expect?

Flatlands 300 is designed from our love to gravel, exploring nature in an a-to-b journey, the love for forests and turn off our busy daily lives for a full day out in the remote outdoors. We just wanted to put it all together at the same event. The route is around 50% off-road, most of it without special technical difficulties, both gravelbikes and MTB are welcome anyway.

How do applications work?

Applications to the event open on March 9th. Spots are filled on a first-come-firest-serve basis. The application period closes one week before the event or earlier when the event is sold out. Completion of the registration and payment will be available as long as the event is not sold out. We do not operate a waiting list. 

Do I need a tracking device?

Yes, the hire of one of our GPS Tracking devices in included in the entry fee.  So bringing or purchasing your own GPS tracker is not necessary. At the finish of your ride you hand over your tracking device to our crew.

Can I withdrawal my entry?

If a participant decides that he/she no longer want to take part, regardless of reason, we will not refund the entry fee. Until 3 days before the event participants are allowed to hand over there ticket to someone else by transfering the ticket in their Atleta profile to the new participant.   


Is there any official route?

Flatlands 300 is a fixed-route event, this means you must complete the official route from the start to the finish line. If you leave the route for any reason, you must continue the ride from where you left off. The provisional route can be found on our Route page on the website. The official route will be sent to the registered riders some weeks before the start.

Is it easy to find water and food?

If you prepare the route properly you won’t have any problems to find water and food enough en-route. There are plenty of supermarkets, cafés and water points close to the route. But remember, try to ride with enough autonomy and fill your bottles whenever you have the chance. Along the route we have two Aid Stations with access to food, drinks and mechanical support (at KM100 and KM200), and two more spots for your personal support crew to assist you with drinks and food. 

Can I book any services before the start?

Your entree included a camping spot on the starting location on Friday and breakfast on Saturday morning. If you wish to book any other accomodation before the start you can do it on own initiative and costs.

What about the important dates to remember?

Registration opening date:  March 9th

Registration closing date: June 17th, 23:59 (*Or when sold-out)

Ride briefing:  June 24th, 20:00

Official Start:  June 25th, 06:00

Cut-Off time:  June 25th, 23:59

What if I break my bike?

Try to fix it by yourself. If this is not possible go to a bike shop using any kind of transport, and after the repair go back to the same point you took the transport from. If not available try to contact your personal support crew. We have mechanical assistance available for you at Aid Station #1 (KM100) and Aid Station #2 (KM200). For insurance details, take a look at our terms & conditions.

Any prizes for the first finisher?

Following the ultra events tradition, prizes are of secondary importance. However, komoot offers the first finisher an adventure budget for future adventures and BIEHLER Cycling kits can be won on a raffle draw.

flatlands pattern2.jpg

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